About Scott


The real estate world can often feel like a pressure cooker as emotions run high and financial implications loom. Buyers and sellers have a lot of questions about market conditions, hot neighborhoods, the best schools, where prices are headed and how a home can be shown in its best light.

As an agent that has been involved in many types of transactions, my primary goals are to offer clarity and value to my clients. Having represented buyers and sellers in a variety of sales that include; single family homes, condos, multi-family buildings, land and commercial property, I have an educated opinion and firm understanding of the real estate marketplace.

The act of buying or selling a property is a collaboration. Through years of experience, I have assembled a team of high-quality, licensed experts who demonstrate and articulate their particular skill-set with confidence. I also believe it is important for an agent to get physically involved with inspecting the elements of a structure. I am ready to get under a house, climb upon a roof and go that extra mile to ensure your understanding of the process.

I approach each transaction as unique, with an earnest willingness to reveal any issues that may arise. If necessary, I offer realistic solutions and will create a cost-implication spreadsheet, visually laying out the pros and cons.

Finally, it is my job to “close the loops” and make your transaction as smooth as possible. I promise to do my best to be communicative, accessible and straight forward about market shifts and expectations. Whether I’m listing a house, finding the best person to complete a building task, respecting a budget or representing a first time buyer, I strive to give you the best possible service.