About Scott


Often the real estate world can feel like a pressure cooker, as emotions are peak and financial implications are daunting. My primary goals are to offer clarity and value to the people I work with – whether they are buyer or the seller.

Common questions a potential buyer or seller may have are many: what is the market doing? What areas are strong? What factors are driving the next “it” location? How can I maximize exposure for my home? What is the quality of the schools in the neighborhood? As an agent that has been involved in many different types of transactions: single family, condo, duplex, investment, land, and commercial, I have an educated opinion of what is happening in the real estate marketplace, and I understand the complexities of buying or selling a house.

Unfortunately, the industry is very sensitive to lawsuits, and because of this, there is a knee jerk reaction of deferring problems and questions to others. The process of buying or selling a house is a collaboration. I approach each situation as unique, with the willingness to reveal the issues (good and bad), offer realistic solutions, and, when appropriate, I am prepared to create a cost-implication spreadsheet, visually laying out the pros and cons.

I believe it is important that the agent be physically involved with inspecting the elements of a structure. I am ready to get under a house, climb on a roof, and will try to explain how the internal and external systems work. Through my years of experience, I have assembled a team of high-quality, licensed experts who can demonstrate and articulate their particular skill sets with confidence.

Finally, it is my job to “close the loops” and emphasize initial goals. I promise to do my best to be communicative, accessible, and straight forward about the shifts in the market, whether I am listing a house which has issues that need to be resolved, finding the best person to complete a building task, respecting a budget, or representing a first time buyer.