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Think Circular Fashion

We love the idea of sustainability. We recycle paper and plastic, bring our reusable tote to the grocery and ride a bicycle to work. But, do we think about the environment when it comes to our clothing? A local company is promoting “circular fashion.” The idea is to create fashion from materials that already exist, as opposed to making clothes from pristine, virgin fabrics – which can be highly polluting. Perhaps after reading, you’ll rethink what you’re wearing, and buying. Read More

Unpretentious Cocktails in Oakland

Looks like mixologists are out. What’s in? Have-it-your-way cocktails. Drinks mixed to your specification by bartenders ready to cater to your needs. The latest trend focuses on drinks mixed to reflect Low AVB – in other words, less alcohol. Check out where you’ll find these delightful concoctions: Read More

Urban Farmer? Maybe not yet….

….but we live in an area with a lot of consistent sunshine and a good average temperature. My wife and I have tried growing all kinds of things in the yard, some work (tomatoes and kale,) some did not (cucumbers and artichokes.) This experimentation process led us to raise bees (which we love and continue to do today,) become closer with our neighbors and swap our bounty with friends and family. Have fun, get your fingernails dirty and learn to love those worms! Read More

More City Support for Oakland’s Trees

Way to be, Oakland! More trees, happy people, singing birds and more pleasant strolling through your neighborhoods. Don’t have enough trees on your block? Want more? Know friends that need and want trees?  Read More: (Good, clean, easy to use website.)

Off-Grid & Self-Sufficient: ReGen Villages with Vertical Farms

“Presented at the 2016 Venice Architecture Bienalle, these new communities are designed to be entirely self-reliant, recycling their own waste, generating their own energy and producing their own food.”   Click here to read the full article on

Alameda HOA Responds to Drought with Lawn-Free Landscape

“In 2015, with California in the midst of one of the most severe droughts on record, a community of more than 400 homes in Alameda replaced a large swath of water-intensive lawn with beautiful water-saving landscaping. ”   Click here to read the full article on

A Green Solution to Oakland’s Housing Crisis

“If the city stopped building giant parking garages, it could become a leader in sustainable development — and create more affordable housing in the process.” Click here to read the full article on

First Fully Digital Hospital Opens in Toronto

“TORONTO, Ontario — The Humber River Hospital in Toronto opened on Oct. 18 to make it the first fully digital hospital in North America.” Click here to see full article on

Energy Upgrade Incentives in Cities

“Sustainable energy financing districts offer commercial building owners and homeowners low-interest loans for energy-efficiency projects—a creative way for owners to finance solar, wind, or geothermal energy upgrades to their properties and for cities or counties Energy to meet their mandated need to reduce greenhouse gases and be energy independent.” Click here to see full article on

A Tailored Approach to Solar

“A major component of greening your rental property is including on-site renewable energy production.” Click here to see  full article on

From Green Building to Green Cities

“As we read in international papers in recent weeks, the Chinese government is actively working — sometimes violently — to prevent people from moving from rural areas to cities.” Click here to see full article on