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Think Circular Fashion

We love the idea of sustainability. We recycle paper and plastic, bring our reusable tote to the grocery and ride a bicycle to work. But, do we think about the environment when it comes to our clothing? A local company is promoting “circular fashion.” The idea is to create fashion from materials that already exist, as opposed to making clothes from pristine, virgin fabrics – which can be highly polluting. Perhaps after reading, you’ll rethink what you’re wearing, and buying. Read More

La Grana!

The location of La Grana is not the destination. The amazing tacos ARE, however. Go, eat and enjoy. Just try to not spill it on your pants or in your car. I dare you! Have a great weekend. And, good luck to those running in the Oakland Marathon! Read More

Books & Beer

Ever have the urge for a beer while reading your favorite novel? It may seem like an odd mix for a brew pub to house shelves of books for customer’s reading pleasure, but that’s just what Novel Brewing has done. Run by a husband-wife duo whom love beer and books, this quaint spot nails-it. New beer recipes are crafted on a regular basis, literary gems line the walls and the space is designated kid friendly. So, why not check out this so-totally-local new spot and bring the kids while you’re at it! Read More

The Death of Our Local Bicycle Shops

Oy! This one hurts. I am so sorry to see Manifesto bikes go. I am sad for the neighborhood and bike community at large. I am sad that some think less people are riding bikes. I am just bummed. Glad its Friday. Read More