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Real Estate Development in Oakland

There are many sides to factor in when we talk about development – especially in The East Bay. I think the importance of listening, tolerance and perspective are more necessary these days – as Oakland and Berkeley attempt to balance current need and the swing of “progress” – I thought this article was helpful in giving data and how it impacts many of our neighbors. Overall, this is a good article on local real estate news in The East Bay. Read More


Yellen speaks about rate hikes in 2017

I think this is a well-written article providing some of the logic around raising rates and other factors that are important to making our economy as a whole – healthier. Learn More  

oakland skyline

Oakland Tops the List of Hottest Places to Buy a Home in 2017

Interesting perspective from the SF Business Times. We are still in an under-supplied market, and if this past rainy weekend is any indication – the buyers are out there, looking for houses with a clear intent to buy. Look out 2017. Read More

It’s a Great Time to Buy & Sell

“It is a great time to buy an investment property in the East Bay, and at the same time, it is also a great time to sell. All of us who live in the Bay Area know that rents have been on the upsurge for the last 12 months.”   Click here to read the full article on

Low Technologies, High Aims

“Beneath the bustling “infinite corridor” linking buildings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, just past a boiler room, an assemblage of tinkerers from 16 countries welded, stitched and hammered, working on rough-hewn inventions aimed at saving the world, one village at a time.”   Click here to read the full article on

Energy Upgrade Incentives in Cities

“Sustainable energy financing districts offer commercial building owners and homeowners low-interest loans for energy-efficiency projects—a creative way for owners to finance solar, wind, or geothermal energy upgrades to their properties and for cities or counties Energy to meet their mandated need to reduce greenhouse gases and be energy independent.” Click here to see full article on

The Bay Area’s Experimentation with Solving for Housing Affordability

“Could a 220-square-foot (20 sq m) apartment be a housing solution for low- and middle-income residents in high-cost cities? What about modular housing on city-owned land? Or single-family homes reengineered to house more people? These were some of the possibilities discussed by a panel of experts at the ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco last week.” Click here to see full article on

Oakland drawing more tech startups

“When Uber opens its massive new headquarters near downtown Oakland next year, flooding the area with as many as 3,000 workers, it will become part of an already thriving tech scene. As the city makes an effort to become more tech friendly, dozens of other startups have joined longtime anchors Pandora and in Oakland over the past few years. The growth provides an early sign that the city may be on its way to becoming the next San Francisco or Palo Alto.” Click here to read the full article on