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Truly Local

Another great spot just opened on Piedmont Avenue. Mago, an eatery with clean cuisine and a crisp interior, has a mission to make its mark on the neighborhood. Chef Mark Liberman hopes to encourage locals to stroll in anytime and try a sandwich, small plate, pasta or a cocktail. With a snazzy little bar and a breezy vibe, this may just be your new favorite neighborhood hang-out. Read More

Books & Beer

Ever have the urge for a beer while reading your favorite novel? It may seem like an odd mix for a brew pub to house shelves of books for customer’s reading pleasure, but that’s just what Novel Brewing has done. Run by a husband-wife duo whom love beer and books, this quaint spot nails-it. New beer recipes are crafted on a regular basis, literary gems line the walls and the space is designated kid friendly. So, why not check out this so-totally-local new spot and bring the kids while you’re at it! Read More

Turns-out Yelpers are Obsolete!

This is a good read. As someone who has had both a positive and a negative relationship with YELP, and whom has participated in “reviewing” something or someone I may not have known, tasted or even had a true interaction with, this concept has always struck me as a bit odd. If 2019 leads to a more “evolved” way of venting our excitement or annoyance, etc…. We may be better off. Or, does just the idea of a “review” actually allow us to have a more human experience, putting our inner critic down for an moment while simply embracing it for what it is. Be kind – rewind. Read More

Unpretentious Cocktails in Oakland

Looks like mixologists are out. What’s in? Have-it-your-way cocktails. Drinks mixed to your specification by bartenders ready to cater to your needs. The latest trend focuses on drinks mixed to reflect Low AVB – in other words, less alcohol. Check out where you’ll find these delightful concoctions: Read More

Plump Grubs?

This seems to be the real deal. As a non-Thai guy, The Farmhouse Kitchen, new to Jack London, appears to be as authentic as they come. Plump grubs on the menu and the noodles are purple! I don’t know about you, but I’m heading over there asap to sample a real taste of Thai… Read More

10 Must-Try Beer Gardens in San Francisco and Oakland

From German lagers served at waterside picnic tables to hoppy, local IPAs in an urban backyard, San Francisco and Oakland are full of beer gardens promising stellar brews and charming settings. The taps go beyond beer, extending to sours and kombucha — and who knew “covfefe” would inspire an IPA? The food goes beyond pretzels and sausages too; just try Almanac’s Spam musubi and Lost & Found’s grilled cheese with avocado as proof. Cheers to fun lazy afternoons and summer evenings at these 10 beer gardens. Read More

Locol burger

Oakland Welcomes a Better Fast Food Option

Not sure if I totally agree with this review, as I have been to Locol and thought it tasted good and I support the mission to have access to better fast food in Oakland. We all have to start somewhere, new ventures take time to work out but the kinks, but the quality seems to be there. So if your an Oakland local, and have given Locol a try, let me know what you think.  Read More

Happy Hour

Introducing the Bay Area’s Hottest New Cocktail Spots

It’s the holiday season, time to indulge and imbibe. But rather that hitting up the same old bar, why not check out a hot new happy hour spot or chill wine bar this weekend? This list from the San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at the Bay Area’s most exciting bar openings of 2016. Cheers! Read More

Glen's hot dogs

4505 Burgers and BBQ Takes on the East Bay with Retro Oakland Spot

4505 Burgers and BBQ will soon hit the East Bay as they become part of the up and coming food scene in the Laurel District, where residents will soon be enjoying 4505’s famed burgers, dogs and whole-hog BBQ. The retro spot that was Glen’s hotdogs will maintain old school vibe with just some minor upgrades. Read More