Christian (bought in 94609)

Scott was absolutely incredible as we embarked on purchasing our first home in Oakland. He provided invaluable advice and expertise as we assembled our offers and toured homes of interest. He was always available on the phone to listen to our concerns and give us balanced feedback as to how to proceed. We are so so happy with our home purchase and we know this would not have been without him and his team. We can’t thank him enough!! If I had the money to buy a second I would call him immediately!


Scott is a phenomenal real estate agent, and a great person. He knows the market, inside and out. He knows all about houses and can spot a lemon at 100 paces. But, most importantly, he was a kind and thoughtful guide and advocate. What might have been a stressful and demoralizing process, ended up being really clarifying and enjoyable!

David (bought home in 94708)

Scott is fantastic. He has helped in the buying/selling process twice. He’s easy to communicate with, is well known by others in the area and is able to explain all the nuances of the real estate space to laypeople. Can’t recommend him enough. He was always good at representing our best  interests and was good at checking in and understanding what our goals/needs were

Connie and Kevin (Sold home in 94608)

We are so thankful to Scott for helping us get through the process of selling our home, which was complicated by us making a couple moves in a short amount of time.  We chose Scott, because he knew the area very well and how the market was moving.  He listened to our story, our desires as we went  through the process (he helped us to try to sell the house off-market, and when that didn’t work out the way he hoped, he was on the ball when we moved to the next step of putting the house on-market), and patiently answered our many questions and concerns.  He was straightforward about ways our house had strong selling points and weak selling points and how to make our house competitive without spending unreasonable costs to remodel.  He was really easy to communicate with, which we appreciated, and we really felt like he was on our side as a real estate agent and a friend.

Megan and David (Bought home in 94709, sold home in 94703)

Smart, honest, reliable, knowledgable, highly competent, friendly- all words I would use to describe Scott. He recently helped us sell our home and then buy another. He stuck with us when we were wishy-washy about when we wanted to sell, and when we made our decision, he made it happen without a glitch. When it came time to buy he was again ready at a moments notice. The first offer that we made on a home was accepted (which is unusual in this market), and I credit him with giving us good advice while we were working with him- we were well-prepared. As we were selling and buying, I felt confident in Scott’s abilities and I never worried (despite being a bit of a micro-manager!). He carried us through the process with honesty and integrity. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Scott!

Alan (Sold home in 94608)

It was such a pleaure working with you on the house sale—I can’t imagine anyone being more helpful, insightful or a joy to work with. Thank you so very much for your hard work and expertise.

Jennifer (Bought in 94618)

Scott is fantastic, our entire search process was very smooth.  Being new to the area, property hunting was daunting and I was not prepared for how competitive and fast the market moves.  This is where Scott’s impressive knowledge and experience was a godsend.  He knew what was a good value and what was a waste of our time, answered all questions promptly and honestly.  We had our first offer accepted and he facilitated everything efficiently, writing up the offer with addendums, making sure our preapproval was in order, speaking with the HOA to get all proper information, etc.  I cannot recommend him enough and will absolutely use him for any real estate transaction in the future.

Alex (Bought Condo in 94618)

Scott was fantastic in helping us find and purchase our condo. We were first-time buyers and would have been lost without his expertise and recommendations. Going to showings and open houses with him vs. without him was a completely different experience. For instance, his ability to point out details we otherwise might have missed (structural integrity concerns, noise carrying, lighting fixtures, etc.) and give us rough estimates on any repairs we’d need to make was incredibly helpful. One example was that he went upstairs to the neighbors above our unit and asked if they’d let him walk around to see if that noise would be an issue for us. Scott is very honest, matter-of-fact and straight-to-the-point, which was exactly what we wanted in an agent. I have already and will continue to recommend him to friends who are looking to buy in the area.

Kyoung & Scott (Sold Home in 94618)

In addition to having an apparent natural affinity for real estate, Scott works extremely hard at what he does. Whether we were buying or selling, Scott wanted us to succeed, and we did so because of him. Thank you so much!

Alena (Bought Home in 94605)

Scott is not only a great realtor but a great consultant, advocate, and person.  He helped us both buy a house in East Oakland and sell a condo in West Oakland.  He was thorough and thoughtful in helping us develop action plans and timelines for these daunting tasks.  I felt very confident with him on our team.  He seems to know a lot about the market, houses and neighborhoods, so it was nice to bounce ideas off him and get honest straight-forward answers.  He helped us flush out what was most important to us and gave us a reality check about the current market conditions.  He helped us go over the pros/cons of each decision as it arose and he was very responsive to even the smallest questions/concerns.  He also had great referrals and lots of connections.  He seems to be well respected by other realtors and that helps a lot in negotiations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Scott as a realtor.

Candice & Bill (Bought Home in 94606)

Scott is fantastic. He’s very responsive, which is great for something as OCD-inducing as purchasing a home. He’s also very honest (about the homes themselves, about their affordability, about their quality, etc). Scott is great at answering every random question you can come up with. Also, something that rarely comes up but that I appreciated a lot, when Scott was unavailable for a week, he left us in good hands with a colleague AND was up-to-date once he came back and saw us again. Scott is very organized and has a great positive but no-frills outlook about house hunting. I felt dispirited many times but he was always upbeat and also grounding. I have recommended Scott to a lot of people who are about to enter the insanity of the hunt. I have zero plans to purchase again soon but I would definitely do it all over again with him and will turn to him in the future once I’ve regained my composure.

Maverick Z. (Sold Home in 94608)

Scott was a fantastic Real Estate agent.  He went out of his way from start to finish to get us the best possible sale price.  Scott helped us with significant renovation, staging, and all the paperwork along the way. Scott is very knowledgeable about the neighborhood, what buyers are looking for, and the upgrades needed to get the best market price. I could not ask for a better agent.  This is the second house Scott helped us sell in the neighborhood and, in both cases, we were extremely satisfied.