Alena (Bought Home in 94605)

January 26, 2016 6:37 pm

Scott is not only a great realtor but a great consultant, advocate, and person.  He helped us both buy a house in East Oakland and sell a condo in West Oakland.  He was thorough and thoughtful in helping us develop action plans and timelines for these daunting tasks.  I felt very confident with him on our team.  He seems to know a lot about the market, houses and neighborhoods, so it was nice to bounce ideas off him and get honest straight-forward answers.  He helped us flush out what was most important to us and gave us a reality check about the current market conditions.  He helped us go over the pros/cons of each decision as it arose and he was very responsive to even the smallest questions/concerns.  He also had great referrals and lots of connections.  He seems to be well respected by other realtors and that helps a lot in negotiations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Scott as a realtor.