Candice & Bill (Bought Home in 94606)

January 26, 2016 6:38 pm

Scott is fantastic. He’s very responsive, which is great for something as OCD-inducing as purchasing a home. He’s also very honest (about the homes themselves, about their affordability, about their quality, etc). Scott is great at answering every random question you can come up with. Also, something that rarely comes up but that I appreciated a lot, when Scott was unavailable for a week, he left us in good hands with a colleague AND was up-to-date once he came back and saw us again. Scott is very organized and has a great positive but no-frills outlook about house hunting. I felt dispirited many times but he was always upbeat and also grounding.

I have recommended Scott to a lot of people who are about to enter the insanity of the hunt. I have zero plans to purchase again soon but I would definitely do it all over again with him and will turn to him in the future once I’ve regained my composure.