Cheryl T.

February 13, 2016 9:07 pm

Scott is my hero.  I may be a little in love with him, but not in a creepy way.  I found him on Yelp a few months ago, and asked him to help me sell my home in Richmond.  He is smart, quick, efficient, and really knows his business and the area.  I had a totally different sales plan in mind before I met him, but his much better plan was magical.  He missed nothing.  He found me a handyman to get the house ready to sell, he helped me stage, he brought in a professional photographer, he advertised in every possible place and websites as well and designed very professional and well-written flyers.  In one week we had multiple offers way above asking price.  He definitely went above and beyond anything I could have expected.  I’ve sold property several times in my life.  This is the first time I gladly paid a commission to the sales people.  (It so happens that the buyers also had a professional and thorough realtor.)  Scott returned calls quickly and made time to deal with my stress and questions.  His follow-through was complete.  If I had a problem with anyone involved, one call to Scott, and it was taken care of, pronto.   I think if you want to write your own plan, run your own show, and stick to it, Scott isn’t your guy, but if you are willing to listen to someone who is incredibly savvy, smart, and knowledgable, and do it his way, Scott is the right guy for you.  Not that he doesn’t listen, he yielded to my wishes in several things, but I am so glad I went with his plan instead of mine.  He knows his business and this area.