Chris (Bought Home in 94618)

February 13, 2016 9:05 pm

Scott was recommended directly by three friends who bought their homes with him. After meeting him at one of their housewarming parties, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him when it was time to start my own search.  Months later, that time had come, and I contacted him. After a meeting to discuss my priorities for what I wanted in a home, he agreed that it might take a while to find what I wanted, where I wanted, but I was in no rush.  We looked at a few places together, and in doing so he refined his view of my likes, dislikes, and desires. A few places that I might have jumped at, he convinced me to hold back, and be patient, that something even better would be along sooner than later – he was so right.

I had been renting in a desirable East Bay neighborhood for years, and although I would have loved to buy there, I was pretty sure I’d never find anything in my price range that wasn’t a total fixer-upper (not what I wanted). So I was fully prepared to move to another neighborhood, but we both kept our eyes open just in case. One Saturday evening I happened to see a new listing pop up just a couple blocks away. I looked at it on my own the next morning (Scott was out of town till Monday) I loved it and texted Scott about it.  He looked at it himself as soon as he got back on Monday morning and agreed that it fit exactly what I was looking for.

He then sprang into action, making suggestions and doing everything he could to find ways to make my offer more appealing than the rest in such a competitive area. The deal we came up with was unusual, to say the least, but after a week and a half of constant communication, referrals, planning, decision-making, and running around on his part, my offer was accepted. I would never have known such things were possible without Scott and even if I did, I couldn’t have pulled them off that quickly.

Thanks to Scott, I now own my first home, in a neighborhood I love, and where I never thought I’d be able to afford a house. I’ve since recommended him to other friends, and will continue to do so.