Nick & Carolyn (Bought Home in 94618)

January 26, 2016 6:39 pm

Scott helped my wife and I buy our first home in Upper Rockridge. We’d been looking for a while ourselves and recently got in touch with him when a house we liked popped up. It was an old house (1930’s) and needed a bunch of work doing to it. Scott went as far as to give it a really close look and make a bunch of recommendations for what needed work and how much it would cost. We got a spreadsheet with estimates that ultimately made us feel like we were in more control and make the best offer we could that wasn’t beyond our reach.

The offer stage was really straightforward with his help. We were in a competitive situation but he helped us get the inside track. We got super lucky and our offer was accepted (I know that doesn’t happen to many people on their first try around here) but we didn’t ever feel like we couldn’t do it. Scott was amazing and gave us the knowledge and confidence to go through with it.

Scott put us in touch with plenty of people to help with renovations. All of whom were great and professional and reasonably priced.

2 years later and we love our home. We’ve done some of the renovation so far and his estimates were pretty spot on. I’d recommend Scott to anyone looking for a house. His knowledge of the east bay is amazing. Incidentally we found him on Yelp so I wanted to pay back and let more people know that he’s the first person you should contact.