Josh & Cynthia (Sold Home in 94608)

I took the time to speak with a collection of East Bay Realtors who focus their energy in the NOBE area when it was time to sell our NOBE house. I highly recommend Scott Ward. Here’s why. He’s candid. You get the benefit of his experience without digging it out of him and he is refreshingly honest. He knows the area. If you are buying or selling in the NOBE area, he knows the streets, neighborhoods and issues. If you know the area, you’ll appreciate what he knows. If you don’t know the area, you’ll benefit tremendously from his experience. He’s serious about getting results. We set schedules and he was always ready when he said he would be ready. He arrives prepared, does a terrific job and never leaves a detail undone. He’s reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend that you speak with him before you agree to work with anyone else.

Nick & Carolyn (Bought Home in 94618)

Scott helped my wife and I buy our first home in Upper Rockridge. We’d been looking for a while ourselves and recently got in touch with him when a house we liked popped up. It was an old house (1930’s) and needed a bunch of work doing to it. Scott went as far as to give it a really close look and make a bunch of recommendations for what needed work and how much it would cost. We got a spreadsheet with estimates that ultimately made us feel like we were in more control and make the best offer we could that wasn’t beyond our reach. The offer stage was really straightforward with his help. We were in a competitive situation but he helped us get the inside track. We got super lucky and our offer was accepted (I know that doesn’t happen to many people on their first try around here) but we didn’t ever feel like we couldn’t do it. Scott was amazing and gave us the knowledge and confidence to go through with it. Scott put us in touch with plenty of people to help with renovations. All of whom were great and professional and reasonably priced.... View Article

Amy & Brian (Sold Home in 94608)

Scott went above and beyond what we expected from a realtor when we sold our Oakland home. Not only does Scott have an intimate knowledge of the East Bay market, he’s down-to-earth, easy going, honest, and an absolute pleasure to work with–the perfect blend of expertise and trustworthiness. We had total faith in Scott to help us make the right decisions and to take care of all the little details.  As a result, we ended up getting far more for our house than we ever imagined. We enthusiastically recommend Scott Ward to anyone needing a realtor in the East Bay.

Anne (Sold Home in 94530)

I choose Scott Ward to help me sell my home in El Cerrito. After a rapid and successfull home sale, I understand why he is so highly rated. Scott is one of the most competent professionals I’ve met, ever, in any field. I was beyond pleased with his skills and knowledge, at every stage. He is straightforward, knows the market (and how to market), is very organized, and smart. He worked quickly in initiating plans, reviewing them with me, keeping me in the loop, always. After evaluating my property, crawl spaces and all, he provided a list of prioritized recommendations as to where I should spend money to prepare for the sale with maximum return. I valued and trusted his guidance. Scott has an extensive network of quality people, who followed thru, quickly, in any area of home repair/prep we needed to prepare the home for sale. He seemed to have good working relationships with all of them, as they made room in their schedules to do what we needed and when. Sometimes the work was completed AHEAD of schedule and BELOW the estimate.Scott thinks ahead. Any time an unexpected issue arose, he quickly provided a solution, and then a backup plan. When... View Article

Jason (Sold Home in 94602)

I found Scott on the internet in a hurry, having a failed experience with another realtor who overpriced my condo and didn’t understand the market in 2009.   The first experience with Scott was an extremely trying time for me and my wife.  We were about to have a baby, trying to buy a house with the market going down quickly.  Scott walked us through everything.  He got down on his hands and knees during open houses, checking out basements and crawl spaces for us.  I’ve never seen that in a realtor.  He understands structural issues of homes and has the willingness to dissuade his clients from buying a place.  We were semi interested in a house that probably had a lot of drainage issues.  I felt that having Scott talk us out of it was a great sign for us being able to trust him. After a couple of weeks of looking, we decided on a house.  Even though we were competing against another offer, Scott helped knock off 10K because of a foundation issue.  I don’t know if other realtors would have wheeled and dealed on our behalf, especially since we would have bought the place at full... View Article

Chris (Bought Home in 94618)

Scott was recommended directly by three friends who bought their homes with him. After meeting him at one of their housewarming parties, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him when it was time to start my own search.  Months later, that time had come, and I contacted him. After a meeting to discuss my priorities for what I wanted in a home, he agreed that it might take a while to find what I wanted, where I wanted, but I was in no rush.  We looked at a few places together, and in doing so he refined his view of my likes, dislikes, and desires. A few places that I might have jumped at, he convinced me to hold back, and be patient, that something even better would be along sooner than later – he was so right. I had been renting in a desirable East Bay neighborhood for years, and although I would have loved to buy there, I was pretty sure I’d never find anything in my price range that wasn’t a total fixer-upper (not what I wanted). So I was fully prepared to move to another neighborhood, but we both kept our eyes open just... View Article

Jim (Sold Home in 94702)

When it came time to sell our house in Berkeley in July/August of 2013, we wanted to find someone that had real local experience and had a super local track record. I had a couple of recommendations for agents from friends and I also queried Yelp and picked 3 of the top rated guys. I met and interviewed all of the candidates and settled on Scott Ward. Why? He listened intently, he was always relaxed and comfortable with us.  Never rushed. My family has been in real estate since 1897 and we would seriously rank him with the best. So…  it turned out to be better than I dreamed.  Scott has a natural sense of timing for what to do in the market.  He quickly got all the basics and inspections out of the way. Scott knew what was important on fix-up and clean-up.  He had a knack to keep it at the right level of preparation.  Not too much nor too little. Scott introduced us to two top notch stagers and patiently convinced me to let them do it right with superb reasoning and live references of results. His partner, Claudia Mills, was also skilled and quick to back... View Article

Maureen (Sold Home 94608)

My situation required that I choose my Realtor carefully.  I had already relocated to the East Coast, and left my unsold house behind.  Lucky for me, I left it in the very capable hands of Scott Ward. I met Scott a few years back, attending open houses in North Oakland, when I was in the market to buy.  When I decided to relo to Boston, and sell, Scott was my obvious choice. He knows the neighborhood, he knows the market, he tracks the very dynamic trends in the market, and adjusts accordingly. He’s smart, and he knows his subject matter.   He utilizes all the current tools and practices to optimize his client’s experience and outcome. I was three thousand miles away, and Scott handled EVERYTHING for me.  He kept me informed, made excellent recommendations on price, timing of the sale, staging, repairs, offer, negotiations, everything – he did it all.  He consulted me appropriately.  Everything was handled electronically.  My time investment was minimal.  I could not have asked for a better experience, and a better outcome. Scott easily won my trust, and it was well deserved.  Scott is very competent, ethical, and a nice guy to boot.  You can’t... View Article

Cheryl T.

Scott is my hero.  I may be a little in love with him, but not in a creepy way.  I found him on Yelp a few months ago, and asked him to help me sell my home in Richmond.  He is smart, quick, efficient, and really knows his business and the area.  I had a totally different sales plan in mind before I met him, but his much better plan was magical.  He missed nothing.  He found me a handyman to get the house ready to sell, he helped me stage, he brought in a professional photographer, he advertised in every possible place and websites as well and designed very professional and well-written flyers.  In one week we had multiple offers way above asking price.  He definitely went above and beyond anything I could have expected.  I’ve sold property several times in my life.  This is the first time I gladly paid a commission to the sales people.  (It so happens that the buyers also had a professional and thorough realtor.)  Scott returned calls quickly and made time to deal with my stress and questions.  His follow-through was complete.  If I had a problem with anyone involved, one call to... View Article

Randall B.

We found Scott after he helped two of our friends purchase their first homes. Scott was so great to work with, he made every part of the process easy to understand,  and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The selling agent for our house wasn’t the most helpful or motivated agent to work with, but Scott bent over backwards and went far beyond what is expect out of a buying agent to ensure that the sale process went as smoothly as possible. If you are looking to buy a home in the Berkeley or Oakland area, we can’t recommend Scott enough.  He has to be one of the best agents out there.

Stephen H.

This review is waaaay overdue. My wife and I worked with Scott to buy our first house about a year and a half ago, and every part of the experience was positive. Scott is just a really fun and relaxed guy. Personality may not be the most important thing when choosing a realtor, but when you’re spending a good deal of time driving around with someone looking at houses, it’s nice to enjoy their company. When we found the house we wanted, Scott sprang into action helping us with all the inspections and paperwork as well as haggling with the seller to get us the best price. We recommended Scott to two separate friends who were starting to shop for homes, and now they are both our neighbors. They too had a great experience working with Scott, and you can read their glowing reviews here as well. Scott is the BEST!

Carol J.

I cannot imagine a better agent. I was a first time buyer in a very competitive market. Scott explained things completely when I did not understand, but never, ever wasted my time. He promptly followed up with me and seller’s agents during the searching and bidding process, and gave good advice in making bids. I also appreciated his good reputation among other agents – it was helpful that seller’s agents wanted to work with him. After I finally had a bid accepted, he negotiated with the seller to finish some work on the place, and arranged for a number of contractors to come out and complete other projects. I cannot imagine what I would have done without his awareness of what things cost, knowledge of reliable local contractors, and willingness to help.