Bryan S.

Its a battleground out there. My fiancé and I were the underdogs with our modest FHA loan and Scott stood by our side through the thick of it. In the brutal Bay Area real estate market, he believed in our loan and taught us novices a thing or two. Months later, we finally were able to find our perfect home. Thank you Scott.

Lee F.

Scott Ward signed up to be our realtor, and that was all we expected. He ended up being a realtor, contractor, guy who came over in the rain to inspect some landscaping, friend who brought over a fan after the house was painted, and consultant who talked us through every element of the listing strategy and the merits of each offer. The quality of advice and attention we got from Scott was top notch. We recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Jordan S.

Friends of ours referred us to Scott. We were running a very tight schedule, and Scott proved to be nothing but a consummate professional and was able to help with any question of concern we might have had. He was informative, kind, and extremely honest. Without the knowledge and help of Scott, I feel, our dream home would have most assuredly gotten away from us. We would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area.

Kath R.

We were referred to Scott by our SF agents, and we’re so glad we were. Scot is a great listener, a savvy businessman, he knows about home-construction/maintenance, and he is completely down-to-Earth. He listened to everything we needed and wanted in a home, and then hound the home of our dreams for us in an area we had actually overlooked, but is in the school district we wanted and a neighborhood we love. Scott worked behind-the-scenes to find out as much as he could about the competition for the house we wanted and helped us make a competitive bid that won us the house over three other offers. He also knows a lot about homes and construction, and was able to help us look at the quality of various homes we saw and judge them more fully. He is also great at visualizing improvements to homes, and walked us through potential expansion options. Finally, Scott is just a fun and easy guy with whom to work. He is never frazzled or too busy for a client, and he is always genuine. He’s a great guy. I highly recommend working with Scott to buy or sell your home–or hey, do both.... View Article

Brad C.

Scott was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Buying a house in a competitive market is a painful process, but Scott did everything possible to guide us through.  As first time buyers, we had a lot of questions and Scott was always helpful, patient, honest and clear.  On top of that, we found Scott’s insticts and recommendations to be spot-on, and he definitely saved us from making some pretty signficant blunders. Once we were in a position to write on a property, Scott put us in touch with some great inspectors, foundation experts, engineers and handymen.  Scott is very knowledgeable about the structural and engineering side of what he does, and he even pulled on the overalls to go crawling around under the house with us. Scott was anything but a ”typical” real estate agent – and we liked it that way.  We can’t recommend Scott enough.

Melissa H.

Scott is a pleasure to work with. Great communicator, straightforward, good sense of humor, and very knowledgeable and thorough.  He actually seems to enjoy all phases of the home purchasing process… The Search He listens and gives his honest opinion. He heard that I wanted to be in an urban area near BART and didn’t waste my time suggesting good deals that didn’t meet that criteria. I had the sense that he put as much thought and care into selecting an appropriate property for me as he would himself. The Offer Again, he listens. We discussed approaches, he suggested a strategy he thought had the highest chance of being accepted, tweaked it based on my input, and well, it worked.  And the experience wasn’t stressful nor did I feel overextended. Closing the Deal So many steps before getting to the finish line, but it was as painless as possible. Scott arranged the inspections and met with contractors to get quotes on work that would need to be done even when I couldn’t make it. He went down to the City to ensure that there were no surprises to the purchase. He kept tabs on the lender and title company to... View Article

Shai-El A.

We recently bought our first home. Scott was our agent and we could not have been in better hands. He listened to our needs, gave us valuable advice and helped close the deal in less than 30 days. During the home inspection Scott took extra notes and made sure that all the little details were addressed with the seller prior to closing. We warmly recommend Scott to anyone who is in market to buy a house.

Ben R.

We tried a couple realtors and got the typical Blackberry carrying, douchebag experience. Then a friend of ours recommended Scott and we were instantly sold. From start to finish, Scott was awesome. As first time buyers, we had no idea what we were doing and Scott handled everything for us and told us everything we needed to know. I have since recommended him to a number of people and I would never do a property transaction again without him.

Bethany H.

We had a positive house-buying experience with Scott.  We especially appreciated his thorough semi-inspection of the houses we saw with him.  Scott gave us solid advice on how to close the deal quickly when we found a house we liked.  We were happy to have his help and would recommend Scott to others looking for a realtor.

Stephen A.

Scott Ward is the Man!!!!  My wife and I stumbled into him at an open house and it’s the best fortuitous meeting I’ve had.  We were first time homebuyers and trying to buy in the North Oakland/Temescal area and had had several mishaps with other agents before thankfully lucking into Scott. Scott knows this area like the palm of his hand, his expertise in this zip code is unrivaled.  Scott worked with us for over a year, over which time we must have seen 50-60 homes together.  Scott was ALWAYS patient, giving us room to figure out how we felt about the place, and would honestly advise us if he felt a place wouldn’t suit our needs.  You know how you when you go to see a place with an agent and two minutes after you walk in they say, ”So, how do you like it?  Want to write an offer?”  That NEVER happened with Scott.  He allowed us space to develop a feel for the house, and provided valuable, candid insights. Scott has an amazing amount of knowledge, is extremely detail oriented, has a deep rolodex of very reliable home inspectors, roofers and plumbers, and a great sense of... View Article

Rachel P.

Scott is fantastic!!  He is exactly what we wanted in an agent.  He has a no pressure approach, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process (which otherwise would have been terrifying!) – but make no mistake, when it’s time to get it done, he is on top of every detail!  We flew through the process of buying a house with his expertise.  He’s easy to trust, we always felt like he was looking out for our best interest – and it helped that he’s extremely knowledgeable and knows all of the best contacts in the area.  He had inspections and bids done without us needing to take time off of work to be there, even AFTER we bought the house!  He really went above and beyond our expectations, and truly was a pleasure to spend time with throughout the process  – Great guy, loves his job, and it shows!!

Amanda P.

Scott Ward is a rock star! He is thorough, fast-working, friendly, honest, and very knowledgeable about the area and older homes. We were a bit of an odd situation – we found the perfect house before we were seriously looking. Scott was referred to us by my sister (who raved about him) and literally over the weekend he got us set up with a great mortgage guy so we could get pre-approved, lined up all the best inspectors, and set up our offer. With 3 similar offers on the table, I’m convinced that we got the house because of his recommendations for our terms and his ability to follow through on a quick closing. Scott is a straight-shooter, he gets things done, is helpful in ways you didn’t even know you needed help, and helped us (first-time home buyers) feel confident in our decisions. Call this man. He’s the best.