Stephen A.

Scott Ward is the Man!!!!  My wife and I stumbled into him at an open house and it’s the best fortuitous meeting I’ve had.  We were first time homebuyers and trying to buy in the North Oakland/Temescal area and had had several mishaps with other agents before thankfully lucking into Scott. Scott knows this area like the palm of his hand, his expertise in this zip code is unrivaled.  Scott worked with us for over a year, over which time we must have seen 50-60 homes together.  Scott was ALWAYS patient, giving us room to figure out how we felt about the place, and would honestly advise us if he felt a place wouldn’t suit our needs.  You know how you when you go to see a place with an agent and two minutes after you walk in they say, ”So, how do you like it?  Want to write an offer?”  That NEVER happened with Scott.  He allowed us space to develop a feel for the house, and provided valuable, candid insights. Scott has an amazing amount of knowledge, is extremely detail oriented, has a deep rolodex of very reliable home inspectors, roofers and plumbers, and a great sense of... View Article

Rachel P.

Scott is fantastic!!  He is exactly what we wanted in an agent.  He has a no pressure approach, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process (which otherwise would have been terrifying!) – but make no mistake, when it’s time to get it done, he is on top of every detail!  We flew through the process of buying a house with his expertise.  He’s easy to trust, we always felt like he was looking out for our best interest – and it helped that he’s extremely knowledgeable and knows all of the best contacts in the area.  He had inspections and bids done without us needing to take time off of work to be there, even AFTER we bought the house!  He really went above and beyond our expectations, and truly was a pleasure to spend time with throughout the process  – Great guy, loves his job, and it shows!!

Amanda P.

Scott Ward is a rock star! He is thorough, fast-working, friendly, honest, and very knowledgeable about the area and older homes. We were a bit of an odd situation – we found the perfect house before we were seriously looking. Scott was referred to us by my sister (who raved about him) and literally over the weekend he got us set up with a great mortgage guy so we could get pre-approved, lined up all the best inspectors, and set up our offer. With 3 similar offers on the table, I’m convinced that we got the house because of his recommendations for our terms and his ability to follow through on a quick closing. Scott is a straight-shooter, he gets things done, is helpful in ways you didn’t even know you needed help, and helped us (first-time home buyers) feel confident in our decisions. Call this man. He’s the best.

Holly F.

Scott was an excellent agent for us!  He was very patient with us as first-time buyers, and showed us MANY homes over the span of several months as we changed our size expectations, desired location, etc.  He is the perfect person to have around when buying your first home (especially when it is a 100-year old craftsman!), pointing out everything you should be concerned with in the evaluation process.  He has all the right contacts for inspections and specialists while in contract.  We recently closed on the property and he has been an enormous help in identifying people to come and take care of everything with the home to get us moved in and settled (hardwood floors, electricity, locks, roofers, etc).  In all, he made the process seamless, and we truly trust him and appreciate all his efforts on our behalf.  We definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a home in the East Bay Area.

Gerald R.

I give Scott Ward the highest marks possible for his work in representing me as a buyer’s agent.  I cannot think of one thing he could improve upon as he was just exemplary. The process of buying a home in the Bay Area is difficult; just ask anyone who is seriously looking. Through this recession there are still plenty of buyers for attractive properties.  A skilled real estate agent is an absolute necessity or your experience will be ever more difficult and protracted. If you want success in buying or selling your home, I cannot think one of thing I would want him to do better. He runs in a universe of real estate professionals of high integrity for which you will benefit from.  From mortgage brokers, house inspectors, contractors, real estate lawyers and escrow companies. He only associates with professionals that are like him; hard working, friendly but serious real estate professionals of the highest integrity. Give Scott Ward a call and sit down for a cup of coffee.   It will be the best decision you make in finding a strong ally in this tough, tough real estate market.

Joe F.

After looking at 50 houses and getting a couple of offers rejected we were beyond frustrated. We decided to switch our previous realtor and a friend thankfully referred us to Scott Ward. Buying a house is painful, there is no way around it but Scott took care of details we didn’t know a realtor would. It was hard for us to hit open houses on the weekends with two small children so Scott took the time to personally show us every property we were interested in. We were seriously impressed with his personalized approach to working with us. When it came down to writing on a property, Scott made it  seem easy. He kept us in the loop through every step and helped us make decisions with his deep knowledge of the industry. He found us a house we love while taking the pain out of buying. It did not stop after we closed either. Scott referred us to people who could help customize our new house the way we wanted. If you’re in the market to buy a home I cannot recommend Scott enough.

Catherine K.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Ward for quite a while as we get ready to move from our current house to our next house.  We weren’t even sure we were ready to move when we started talking with him about our hopes and plans, but he’s been both invaluable to our search as well as a great and fun person to be around.  Scott’s knowledge of the market, particularly the price range and neighborhoods we are interested in, has been tremendously helpful as we try to balance what we want out of our next house and neighborhood.  He often takes complex paperwork and reports and distills the information down to clear points we fully understand, and his construction knowledge has been a huge help as we consider buying houses that will immediately need a fair bit of construction.  Whether work is needed on a foundation, a fence, the yard, a kitchen – Scott always has someone he’s personally worked with who he can recommend.  He’s also been extremely helpful as we get our current house ready to put on the market. If you are looking for a realtor who knows the East Bay,... View Article

John M.

Scott is the complete professional! He helped us greatly at a very risky time, probably the toughest time the market has seen in decades. We purchased the house we wanted and then sold the one we were in – as quick as we could imagine. In fact, our house had only one open house & we had 3 offers.  This at a time when the market was at its lowest in memory. We were able to do this because Scott has a great sense of the market, knows what is needed to get things done correctly and has the resources to get everything completed. I really appreciated the way Scott problem solved and came up with solutions, rather than just passing on information. Scott worked with us in an extremely difficult time which required that everything go right. He handled everything and effectively communicated the steps we needed to take, as well as providing options. He always listened and went to task to best represent what we wanted . It was a pleasure to work with Scott and we had a great experience!

Jenny R.

Scott helped us buy our house – jumping right into our crazy and unusual situation. He was really thorough, calm and knowledgeable – keeping a sense of humor through it all. We felt very confident letting him take over and help us get a great house in this crazy real estate market.

Beccah P.

My husband & I met Scott Ward from Maison Nouveau at an open house. After so many unimpressive interactions with other realtors, we were delighted with Scott’s knowledge, candor and patience with our (many, many) questions.  He worked easily with our complicated schedules and gave solid advice on everything from placing a bid to retrofitting. Our current home closed in just under 3 weeks during the winter holidays and Scott worked wonders getting top-notch inspectors, roofers, plumbers, foundation experts etc. to come in and give us a solid view of the home we were purchasing. (We’ve since employed some of them to work on the house, and they have been honest, helpful, and generally outstanding.) The Maison Nouveau team also has a fantastic mortgage lender, Jana, who got us a lower rate than any of our close friends (who are also mortgage lenders) could find. When you can get all of this incredible helpfulness for a mere 2% commission? Why use anyone else?

Liz F.

Scott Ward rocks the house sales. Seriously. He sold our house in 10 days in this frightening market. I would call it magic, but it was really his familiarity with the zip code, every last detail of our improvements, and which open house attendees would be the perfect buyers (we actually had multiple offers, as if it were 2005 again!). Scott helped us buy the house a few years ago, as well. In both cases, Scott worked it – covering paperwork and details that weren’t technically his responsibility, but that made our lives less stressful. The best part about Scott is that he is reliable and honest and totally not a schmuck. I challenge every Bay Area agent to compete for the Scott AWard. And, yes, Scott knows everyone you need to know to fix your electricity, foundation, paint, plumbing, roof, garden, deck, etc. Just ask him for ”his guy.”

Melissa G.

I would give Maison Nouveau 10 stars if I could!  I am so impressed with the amount of attention that we got from everyone as we bought our first home.  We were really nervous about the whole experience as first timers, but Heather and Scott made us feel totally comfortable every step of the way.  They really know there stuff, don’t ever make you feel like you are being pushed or that you have called one too many times to talk about the same details, even though we did over and over again.  The deal about the commission is awesome too, but honestly, it wouldn’t even matter – even without it, I would recommend them hands down.  For an industry that is known for lots of slick talkin’ and deals with such big & emotional decisions that goes along with buying real estate in the Bay Area, I so appreciate having someone on my side with my best interests genuinely at heart.  And by the way – everytime I ever called, I was absolutely dealt with in a friendly and professional manner by whomever answered, so I am surprised about the one negative posting.