Megan and Darrin (Bought house in 94618)

We highly recommend Scott as a real estate agent. My husband and I spent the past few months looking for a house with Scott (and we found one that we love!). Scott was a great listener, helped us focus priorities, and was always ready to spend an afternoon house hunting with us. Once we began the escrow/paperwork process – he provided honest opinions and explained the often confusing paperwork. His good nature, savviness, and knowledge of the local real estate market made him invaluable throughout the entire process from start to finish. We very much enjoyed working with Scott.

Russell Moore (Sold home in 94707)

I found Scott Ward to be very thorough in all his work in helping me sell my house. He communicated with me regularly and clearly, he was honest and diligent and he was always available when I had a question. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone buying or selling a home in the areas he works in.

Adam and Jen Davis (Sold home in 94703)

Scott was our agent for selling our home in Berkeley as well as purchasing our home in Hercules. Scott has a combination of know-how, technical knowledge, persistence, and dedication to his clients’ desires that makes him an ideal agent. His continual and timely research during a very volatile time in the housing market provided information that allowed us to be confident we were ma king the right decisions about pricing. Through his research, intuition and persistence, we were able to sell our home for way over asking price in the summer of 2009 during a very weak market. He also went beyond expectations in terms of following up with other agents in a way that I have not seen others do. In addition, he helped us find the perfect home in Hercules. This involved taking us to look at many, many homes until we found the right one.

Buddy Williams, Architect, LEED AP (Worked on homes in 94703, 94705, and 94609)

Scott is a breeze to work with and an excellent team player. He comes to the scene with a casual, professional atmosphere and a fresh attitude that gets things done. The clients that I have seen him work with rely heavily on his judgment and guidance. I hope not to sell anytime soon, but when I do, Scott is the go-to guy.

Greg Stemler (Bought home in 94609)

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Scott Ward. In my efforts to become a first time home buyer I challenged Scott with indecision, a big revision (downward) in what I can afford, myriad scenarios, and a total lack of certainty about what I’m looking for. Scott has handled every twist with understanding, patience, professionalism, and most importantly with creative brainstorming. In the many months I looked at homes with Scott, I received an incredible education in the local housing market, the systems in a home, what to watch out for, where to add value, and even the psychology of buying and selling homes. Scott loves this stuff!!! I can’t even count the number of times he has said ”I find it so interesting how/that… ”. Scott has a real passion for home efficiency and green systems, and is always pointing out ways to incorporate those elements into existing structures. He also has a great sense of aesthetics and space, and lots of ideas about what one could do for a prospective property. What I have found most valuable however isn’t all of the value added fluff above, rather Scott’s incredible intuition and understanding of the East Bay market, the... View Article

Mike Duhon (Bought home in 94602)

Working with Scott made house hunting fun. I’m and architect and was very impressed by how much he knew about structural issues. I see Scott as a renaissance kind of guy, ready to crawl under a house with me then explaining contractual jargon that to me seemed another language. Scott really cared that I found the right place.

Jason Adamek and Tracy Young (Bought home in 94610)

Scott is a no nonsense realtor who will get you the home you want. He was extremely patient with us in getting our first home, and was able to make sense of all the inspections, loan contingencies, etc. He is very knowledgeable in inspection issues and can help translate pest and foundation reports for the novice buyer. He even crawled around in the basement of our new house with an inspector to see what issues the house had. He is an excellent negotiator, getting the seller to knock off $10k after our final inspection. We never felt pressured into buying our house, and he is genuinely interested in exploring what reservations you may have. He will work very hard for you and is always available and committed. You would be lucky to have Scott on your side, in selling or buying a home.

Ian and Matt (Bought home in 94709)

For us, Scott was a very active listener, asking us questions about the houses we’d seen, asking about everything we liked and didn’t like, all so that he would get a better idea of what we liked in a house and what we didn’t. Now, this is the sort of thing I expect from an agent. But a benefit we totally didn’t expect was how well-networked he was and how many times we took advantage of that to make the move-in process easier. Got a broken chimney? Scott has a contact for that. Need an inspector to climb around under the house? Already done. Need to talk to a decorator about curtain choices? Scott knows one and he just sent you his phone number. These aren’t just sweetheart-deals either, the reference Scott gave me for homeowner’s insurance gave me a better rate than I was able to find on my own. He thought of everything, and the closing process that I had dreaded was smooth and well-managed. Thanks again, Scott!